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  • What Is The Purple Card?

    The Purple Card is an option of extraordinary possibility. You can add it to non-hierarchical circular meeting technologies such as Sociocracy 3.0, Consensus, and Torus Technology (http://torustechnology.mystrikingly.com).


    Adding The Purple Card to your current decision making process permits you to use intractable conflicts, emotional reactivity and breakdowns as doorways to personal development. This amplifies confidence and team-building power.


    The Purple Card calls forth your team of Evolutionaries, those who serve the village through facilitating evolutionary healing and shift processes. For more about this, please visit http://archetypallineage.mystrikingly.com.


  • How Does The Purple Card Work?

    There are times in any authentic group decision-making process when participants in the circle may experience emotional reactivity due to Buttons, Hooks, Triggers, Traumas, Voices, or Imbalances. This emotional reactivity from one or more participants can easily swamp the decision-making process in a quagmire of personal drama. The decision-making is either manipulated by emotional-reactivity pressures, or is stopped altogether. Your meetings need not follow this familiar pattern.


    With the Purple Card woven into the context of your group's decision making process, when emotional reactivity is detected it can be easily indicated by participants holding up the Purple Card. When 5 or more Purple Cards appear in the Circle, it previously agreed that the emotionally reactive will leave the room accompanied by one or more Evolutionaries to use the valuable opportunity of the emotional reactivity as a gateway to a healing or transformation process.


    The meeting continues, perhaps postponing that particular decision until the Evolutionary process is completed and the healing team returns.


    Two elements are required for the Purple Card to work.




  • Evolutionaries